Monday, November 14, 2011

Where did Tze went on Sunday?

Hehehe, guess and seeeee......

Had a sudden plan on Saturday night to go down to Muar, Johor for 1 day trip on Sunday. My first time ever in Muar. And of course, I went because Gary was there.

Started the journey at 11am only, and told the other car that we will be leaving at 9am something. Hehe, still in bed at that time LOL.

Actually, I still do not believe that I actually drove down to Muar just to see Cao Ge. OMG!! In the midst of assignments dateline some more. Seriously, if you think I'm crazy, I think I am too. He is my exception.

First time ever in Muar!! Took alot of pictures, will blog about it next time, busy 2 weeks ahead. Sigh...
Pssst... I finally pierced my ears too in Muar... xD

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