Wednesday, January 04, 2012

You Are The Apple of My Eye Malaysian Version Music Video [那些年,我們一起追的女孩 馬來西亞版本MV]

A few months ago, there is this very very famous movie from Taiwan (who watches movies from Taiwan?) which is quite controversial at first. Heard from my friend that it is uber nice and a must watch movie, but was banned in the local cinema. I guess they did alot of edits because after that it was on screen and tickets was selling like hot cakes.

Imagine, we (me and my friends) were uber  busy during last semester and was only able to go watch it after a few weeks it was on screen. Even then, we couldnt get tickets for the movie as it was all sold-out. Can you imagine the madness??

I went to watch the movie on one fine day, thanks to my friends who manage to secure the tickets. xD Well, definitely a nice movie, but maybe due to language barrier and also high expectations ( too many people telling me the movie is soo damn good ) it didnt affect me as much as it should (according to other people's testimony). Did get me emo for a few days tho... -.-

Anyways, the song is quite meaningful, if you have a life in school, you should be able to relate. So here is the video some Malaysians, to be more exact, Sitiawanians came up with... I'd say, not bad, quite good actually :)