Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Update

Just finished my final exam few days ago. I didn't do well, even gave up and walked out early on my last paper. I know the consequences, but nothing came to my brain, and whatever I studied didn't come out so, yeah!

Anyways, life is too short to be emo over that paper. I just can hope and pray that I at least pass on other papers, so that I wont be coming back for so many more papers. *fingers crossed*

Holidays is short too, and with the thesis pending approval, I have so-much-but-so-little time... geddit? So much time because I'm on holiday, but holiday doesn't mean holiday cause the thesis is pending approval. Sigh.

Alright, up to this point  you must be thinking, "hopeless student." Well, I just don't believe in getting very good marks, but missed on on life on the way...

Also, this post is also a reminder for myself that I have alot of post pending.
1. Gary in Muar!
2. MOA Concert!
3. Forgot already, need to check back on pictures, but shud be no more? because i was having exam and didnt go out as much already... :)

Hope I dun procrastinate and then totally forgot. hehe...

And also, I am in Muar again as I'm typing this. Going to Melaka tomorrow, which means that I have more food to eat, more things to discover and more post to write... woohoo!! :) Cant wait to try out the lomo too :)

I cant sleep.
Because I napped in the afternoon already.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lala version of the lomo...

Bought an early Christmas present for myself, and got really bored, so I decided to decorate the lomo a little... 
And this is the result... 

Blurry picture taken by my blackberry, and then edited using app.. :)

Alright, ya I do realise it's looking disgusting and eww instead of cute and kawaii...Wut to do, I have too many stickers to spare and I have itchy hands.. LOL 

Exam ends today, but my misery is still here... Thesis ohh thesis~~

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Early Xmas Present for.....


I don't know whether any other person than me does this. I claim that it is a present for myself (eg. bday present, xmas present, etc) whenever I buy something near holiday season. hehehe

It's like giving myself excuse to shop and buy things that I dont really need, but want very much.

Alright, I saw this deal over on one of the group buying page, and I bought it one lazy afternoon. Emailed the seller and requested to get it earlier than the redemption period... She said, OK!


And so....
Presenting to you....
My new toy!!!!

Image from Google


Been talking to some friends and damn, they all have expensive lomo that they hide at home. never knew my friends were into lomo as well...

Alrights, great though, now i have lomo frens, *i see lomo outing in near futureeee!!!~

Hehehee, I'm just so excited hehehe.....

Alright alright, my friends have sardin can, eye of a fish, and also princess diana... i only  have action sampler... the cheapest of all hahahahah....


and i kiamsiap uber poor thats why i cant afford spend too much money on plastic cam....

DSLR is so yesterday~~ NO! Still in love with photography, no matter what cam I use. My point is, I dun believe beautiful images can only be created with DSLR. that is totally..... bullshit.

ok byebye i have exam on tuesday and i had yet to start study, can go jump in the pool and die already....

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I'm at Muar, Johor.

This is a scheduled post. IF you're reading this it means that well, I AM HAVING MY DREADFUL EXAMS T_____T or it could also mean that I am done with exams.... LOL


If you saw my post a few weeks ago, you would have known I WENT TO MUAR FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!! :)

It was a last-minute-one-day trip down south. Never been to Johor before in the 22 years of my life. The furthest I went was to Melaka. hehe... Well, the trip wasn't totally random as well... Had been told last minute that "my exception" is going to be there, so decided to 'crash the party'. That's for another post. 


Well, that morning was feeling zombified because we slept very very late and forced ourselves to wake up super early in the morning. Need to wake up early and rush there for lunch because we'll be there only for a few hours and it's a bit stupid to drive so far and not taste the local food there right? Ohhh btw, by early, we meant leave KL at 11something. ^_^

So yeah, after 2 hours plus journey, we finally arrived at the legendary town Muar (No offense, but everytime I say the word Muar, my mind goes Muarhahahaha... hope I don't blurt it out xD) 

Armed with the one and only 50mm lens, I braved my way through Muar town... Chewah, sound so yeng like that. 

Went back to my friend's house first to leave out stuff there. You'll never believe how much stuff we brought there although it's just a one-day trip. Maybe I should learn to pack light hehehe...

On the way there, we saw...  

The quite pack town, maybe it's a weekend that's why. 

A church on my left...

 And, is this the oldest hotel in town?
If it is, it should be owned by a wealthy taukeh back in those days. See, the hotel so big, should be one of the biggest around already. But right now, there's an even bigger and newer one right opposite this old hotel. I'm guessing it's rotting and waiting for time to pass... 

I only posted up this picture because... because...
Because the sky looks so nice~

I forgot to upload a picture of my friend's house. I think better not to protect her identity.Bwahaha.... Went for lunch later at a very busy looking area. Muar's wai sek kai. xD 

On the way~~ Wahh look at the dent in his car. Ok, totally random and not expecting it. As you can see, Muar is actually filled with rows and rows and rows of shops. 

Pedestrian Bridge in Muar.
Why I upload? I don't know xD 

See, there's like a million shops omg. 
Everyone is a business man/woman there. 

Colourful building. You know why isit half blue and half pink?
Nope, it's not confused of its own gender, but my friend told me that back in those days (or is it just a few years ago? I don't know) when someone has the say, they decided to paint every street with different colour. 

So, if Street A is blue, then the buildings in Street A shall be blue and only blue. 
And this is a corner shop, so it lies in between the blue and the pink territory. 
Thus, the half blue and half pink colour. 

But, quite nice also what..... 

Wetex Parade. The one and only shopping mall in Muar. 
Correct me if I'm wrong pls. 
I've only been there for less than 6 hours, can't expect me to know much do you?

This is also the place where "My Exception" will be at... *awwwwwww*

Ok ok, sorry, now I shall go and talk about food. Didn't get to eat as much as I had expected because (1) i was so hungry that i wasnt hungry anymore (2) i just had a abit less than 3 hour car ride ending with a very 'unstraight' road. (3) i was too tired to eat wtf

Ok, without further a due, let me introduce to you... *jeng jeng jeng* 
(dammit I am drooling writing this wtf)

Char Siew, Siu Yok, Lap Cheong Fan
The stall is damn kua cheong 1 ok.. Had so much pork it could feed an entire village for lunch and dinner i tell you. Apparently its a norm for the stall to prepare so much for weekend because its a weekend *duh* 

Not really used to eating lap cheong. a bit weird weird taste.
the rice was... ok, nothing to shout about.
or, it could be me and my damaged tastebuds because of the early morning call and also the long journey. everything is so rushed that... eat also no peace wtf. 

My friend's wan tan mee. 
Looks good, should taste good because she's a local and she ordered it! :)

Haha, for a more complete food review, pls come back to this blog in the future yeah. Will be planning a trip there again, and eat more stuff. And i'll make sure i'm not too grumpy to eat and also i wake my tastebuds up before eating anything ok. :)

And oh yahhhh, how could anyone, any living-breathing person go to MUAR and NOT eat their famous Otak? Not brain, but fish stuff. 

Muar's Otak-Otak. 
Alright, I confess, I wasnt a fan of Otak. Tastes weird and its spicy, not the kind of spiciness that i like. my mum likes otak tho. 

I had like 2 of this and had to stop eating cause i found fish bone is both of the otak i ate. like seriously i dont know why fish bones like me. my friend had FOUR of those thing and saw/taste/ate no fish bone at all. 
and like i said, my taste buds was still sleeping so..... I'll leave the food talk till next time muahahahhaha... 

Ok totally random laugh, but it's 3.30 am now and I have a few more scheduled post to write. Sigh, I should just go and sleep then. Tomorrow I START STUDY! 

Ohya, written at 28Nov2011, 3.30am LOL 
So the tomorrow above is 28NOV, when i wake up from slumber. *yawns* 

Lucky I scroll down before publishing this post... @.@

I found that there is ONE thing, and it's ONE thing only that is UNIQUELY MUAR. Never seen this anywhere else before ok. Ok lah, maybe other Johor areas also like that, but this is the first time I saw this and please excuse me for being a super sampat ok....

I ask you..... 

Have you ever seen.....

 TV antenna THIS tall? 

Seriously this is the first time ever in my whole entire life I've seen the antenna thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis long omg am i dreaming or what.