Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Happiest Moment

A picture is worth a thousand words, that's what they said.

To me, a picture captures unforgettable moments. Sometimes, there are those moments that we never know existed. For the past few hours, I have been looking through my picture folder in search for the picture that describes "the happiest moment". In the process, I discovered that there are many forgotten memories from high school, college and my 3 years in university.

I love capturing memories, and I believe that memories are best captured through candid pictures. I do not have candid shots here because the people in the pictures have denied the permission for me to post.

Anyways, when I look back at pictures taken from the past, those moments that happen at that particular moment when the picture is taken flashes through my mind. And I am not the kind of person that has the most excellent memory. So to me, photos are important tool to help me remember. 

Well, I can never decide which my “happiest” moment is. So, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. All the pictures posted here are either from 2004 or 2005. IF I were to post all the pics that screams happiness to me, this post would be super damn long. 

This is me when I was 15. or maybe 14. Back then, although I was quite fat, but still, thinner than what I am now. I remember, at that time, I have very low self-esteem, I feel that I am the ugliest person in the world (ok I know, I'm not pretty, but at least I have two eyes, one nose and one mouth), but now, many years later, when I look back at this picture, I realise how stupid I was back then to have such thoughts. 

This was taken during a church camp in Cameron Highlands. Look so terrible cause didn't get enough sleep. Miss the moment there, knowing new people, knowing God and having fun activities. And that is Caroline, one of my good friends I know through church. Ahhh, memories.... 
I almost didnt go to this camp. 

Some people say I'm crazy.
This might the one of the 'stupidest' thing I did at that time.
The autographs from almost all the participants from the church camp. 
Had the sudden thought of doing it, and I remember that there is this girl who came and told me that it could lead to cancer, those ink. LOL. 

If I had not captured this sunset, I would not have remembered seeing this on the way back from Nilai, Seremban after attending Interact Conference. Met alot of new people there and some stayed as friends even until now. :)
Sorry for the blurry picture, the bus was moving at that time. I still remember this is taken at the Teluk Intan bridge. The picture is blurred cause was taken in a moving bus. And it looked perfectly fine in my camera's super small screen. That's why a new camera with bigger screen is a better option. *hint hint*

This is my desk during PMR! 
Hehehehe, the last table, third row from the right. :)
See, I remember. 
Hehe, alright, I know, I know... All the tables look similar, but I just know that was my table can or not? 

The young us at that time. Just finished PMR and there is noothing to do, don't know why they are such good student and still goes to school with their uniform. hehehehhehehe
I remember on that day, I went to school late, cycled there, and wore the school shirt because I was afraid that if I wore normal home shirt, the guards wouldn't let me in. Still young and naive at that time hehehe.... Anyways, the day was spent taking lots of pictures like this, playing Othello, and other interesting, mind boggling games. 

 Me and my brother in Perth. He's still so young at that time OMG!! heheheh
He has grown up so much since then.... awwwww 
I believe this is the first picture of us together after many, many years.... We used to loathe each other so much that we do not even talk. Sad childhood for both of us. 

This is taken in Form 4, and taken with Miss Josephine, one of the coolest trainee teacher EVER!!!!!!!! 
She was almost leaving already, and then we spend time taking memories. I seriously missed the times spent in school.... the crazy things we did, the crazy tuition schedule after school, the friends we spent most of the time with, the games we played, the cocuriculum activities that forces you to come back in the evening.... yeah, those are happy memories....

This is a picture taken with my yearmates, during choral speaking competition that has nothing to do with me at all. I was there just to support them, ehehheheheh...... And they won!!!! I still remember they were speaking on Cartoons xD 
Seriously I don't know why are we doing this pose... Hahaha must be me and my randomness.... Thank you to them for being supportive of my randomness also... heheheh.... 

This is taken during the practice, and I seriously don;t know why I am there!!! 

 Ohh ohh, this was taken during our FIRST EVER mastech expo. It's a club where only Form 4 and above can join and stands for Math, Science and Technology, so it's pretty cool... hehehehe.... I love this picture cause, look at how I mess with her hair bwahahaha... I never knew I was this random hehehehe....

 Went to visit a orphanage in Ayer Tawar together with Interact Club members. One of the reason why I joined Interact Club. It was a fun-filled and tiring day. Missed the moment. <3 

This is during carolling. Hehehe.... I love to sing (shhhh, secret), but I am tone deaf (ouch). 
But I love to join, and was really happy when they didn't kick me out of the carolling team. Everyone knows how bad I sings now *horror*

Ohhhhh happy moment, Ida's birthday. THE FIRST EVER birthday party that I was invited to. Seriously. I dont know why people don't like to do birthday party in my hometown. I never had a birthday party. So happy that day that I was actually attending a birthday party... Alot of embarrassing things happened also lah, and I'm not telling :x 

And this concludes my post for, ..

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