Sunday, November 25, 2012

awesome dinner

Last night, I had an awesome dinner, with many many kinds of seafood.

We ordered LOBSTER!!, siham, MANTIS PRAWN!!!, fish, and also the bamboo clam. Hehe, pardon the excitement, this is my first time having lobster. And it's cooked with none other than cheese!

omgosh it's soooo good, foodgasm. haha...

Siham or cockles was cooked in a simple way. It was just steamed or boiled then we crack open the shells on our own. First time eating cockles like that though.. I usually see them only in char koay teow, and dont eat them. It's bloody wtf, but quite sweet. Well, easier to swallow than raw oyster. Haha... I am noob. Surprisingly, I accepted the taste quite well. Despite the blood or red juice (live with it), it's rather... sweet.

Fish was steamed (this i know for sure!) haha. Taste quite nice, but I have no idea what kind of fish is that though...

Mantis prawn or 'lai liu ha' or 'har gu' or 'hae gor' was giant! Biggest mantis prawn I had ever eaten! Cooked with salted egg which is my other love, so the dish is just... heavenly. Difficult to explain but yeah... heavenly.

Ohhh, Bamboo clam was giant too. I never really had bamboo clams, and the ones I had before was like a mini baby clam. This, was giant bamboo clam compared to what I had before. Each of us was served in individual plates, one clam per person. It was topped with lots of garlic and had a mouthful of 'tung fun' together with the clam.

What else did we have? hmmm... Haha, have to keep referring to the picture to remember what we ordered.

Oh, vegetable. Kailan. nahhh, I shall pass. haha...

Last but not least, LOBSTER!!! The star of the day. Lobster was cooked with cheesy, omg Cheesy Lobster from heaven!! ahhhh.... How do you explain love? Difficult, and this is the same. Haha. Just awesome!! So awesome I got no words to desbribe.

And because I'm lazy, here is a combined picture of all the food we had. Thanks for the dinner! :) What did I do in my past life to deserve all this?! I'm a lucky spoilt girl...

And then, after dinner, it was still early, so we ALL headed to reflexology! OMG is this life or what? Am I dreaming? If yes, I dont want to wake up. :)

This is proper reflexology, unlike the one I went the night before. Utterly crap. Waste of money.
Anyway, the best weekend ever. Wake up, shopping and actually bought something, awesome dinner, and end with a relaxing foot reflexology. Oh, after that, went to get some dessert also!

So. Much. Love. xD

Sorry, you have to see my fat legs. LOL. Sorry to hurt your eyes like that, after all the awesome food pictures haha.