Wednesday, September 12, 2012



My life is pretty much a routine now. I am doing my internship so that means no more sleeping past 8am...

I wake up 6 something everyday. Hopefully i wont get lazy or something.

Quite like my work so im still very motivated to wake up in the morning.

Then after work, i would come home to sleep and wait for my friend to finish her work and have dinner. This would means dinner would be later cause i am so very exhausted.

Once, i woke up only at 10pm. ohmypoorfriend.


Late dinner means sleeping late. Would only come home after 12am (dont think this make sense to other working people) and sleep at 2am earliest. Sometimes 4am.

This pretty much sums up my lifeless day. Lol....

Dinner is always awesome. Since were already having dinner so late, whats the point of doing it healthy?

Normal place to have dinner would be mamak. Which is awesome also. Haha.

Ohhh there are times when dinner is after 11pm... But i dont sleep tht early so its ok.

Now i am so very much motivated to go to uni and see lecturers who dobt want to see my face. Not! I hate this wtf.