Monday, November 07, 2011

Nuffnang + Churp2 @ Chatime Publika

Last Saturday, I got invited to the first ever Nuffnang and Churp Churp "mingling session" together. It's also my first time ever to attend any Nuffnang events. I am a member of both, and I didn't know that Churpers also went. Lucky I went to find the place before the actual day, if not already... It's not listed in Google maps, and even my GPS also cannot help me lol. 

And this is my first ever Nuffnang event that I went... *Wahlao... very scary lor, somemore i anti-social...* I thought things would change when I am there... But nope, I end up more terrified of the people there than before I got there LOL. *failed kao kao at trying to be more social*

The event was held at Eat Food Village *interesting name for food court*. Very nice and empty food court *because it's new*. There's like lots of famous yummy food there, got CHILI pan mee, got yam rice, got alot more other stuff that I cannot remember lah... For Muslim friends, the place is non-halal unless you're in mood for Penang food by Lorong Seratus Tahun. 

Eat Food Village, Publika, Solaris Dutamas
Oh ya, we were allowed to bring guest also, so I brought Chloe along because I am THAT scared of strangers LOL. At first was thinking of going alone, venturing into a unfamiliar territory~ hmmph, I must be crazy when I thought of that. 

Everyone was given RM20 worth of Publikash to spend on food and CHATIME! 
Every one of us was given a cash voucher of rm20 that we could spend on food and drinks on that day itself. First thing we did was to queue up for Chatime. There was quite a long queue. See, see... For real it's free ok... :) Happy mood on for the whole day... 

Didn't take much pictures during the whole thing... Well, actually I took but its in my friend's camera so,... forget it. 

A gift from Publika.  
Before everyone leaves, the nice people in Nuffnang (sorry didn't get the name) distributed a gift from Publika. :) The Nuffies even asked why didn't anyone saw us before. Hehe, first event mah~ So anti-social somemore... 

Our large Chatime with additional stuffs.  
We had so much money to spend that we tried to max out on the purchase. Had it large with extra toppings.. Thought of having lunch/dinner (lunchner) there since we had so much money left, but after downing the large Chatime we were filled already. So decided to just share food. And left like alot somemore, so i tapao-ed another Chatime *suicide move*

A group photo of all the people that attended. *stole from the earliest blogger*
So many faces, but I know no one there. 
It's 3.49am, and I don't care anymore. Eyes are closing... 

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