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A day out with good-hearted-souls

Warning: This post will be full of pictures. The most pictures in my *insert years* of blogging.

Hold my hand and guide me.

The purpose of this post is not to show off, but is to spread the word. Hope to clarify first before anyone says I am showing off for no reason. Not that I have anything to show off also lah... 
The pictures with no watermark is taken from Facebook. 

Last weekend, me and some friends decided to join the kind-souls from Amoeba Team for a visit to children's home. Click on their Facebook link to know more about them. If you're lazy, then here is an introduction about them I copied from their Facebook. 

Amoeba Team is a group of individuals standing on the same platform to learn through organizing a variety of events. Empowering young people and nurturing the new generation definitely entice positive culture thus contributing to the society.
Ok, enough introduction already. If you want to know more, just click on this link and have your questions answered. 

The meet-up point was at an LRT station in PJ, but due to some unforseen circumstances (ie. Vernice's housemates was hogging the one and only bathroom in her house), so we were late and unable to meet up with the rest of the gang. 

The location was at Rumah Hope, at Paramount Garden. Being a noob and in an unfamiliar territory, I got lost on my way there. Was not able to find the place, and GPS decided to not help me that day.Luckily, we stopped and asked a very confused uncle. Hehehe...

Me: *Stop the car and wave enthusiastically*
Uncle: *Gives a weird stare and probably freak out a little*
V: *tries to open the window and finally get out of the car* Hi, uncle! I would like to know where is Jalan xx/x... Do you know where isit?
Uncle: The roads here are all odd numbers, its 3, 5, 7, 9, 11.... I don't know where is 2...
Me: owhhhhhhhh.... *die*
V: errrr~~
Uncle: Do you have any friends that you could call? Perhaps they can help you~
Me: *hestitate* Umm, yeah we have, but.... Anyway, thanks yeah.... 
Uncle: Where are you guys going?
Me: Do you, by any chance know where is Rumah Hope?
Uncle: Yeah I know. You want to go there you say earlier lah, you tell me Jalan this Jalan that I dont know, but you tell me Rumah Hope then I know... *gives the directions to the place*
US: O___O ok. Thanks alot!! 
    Sorry, irrelevant picture :D
Really, thanks alot to the uncle, if not we will be going round and round and round that area till night also cannot reach. Whoever named the roads and constructed that whole PJ area must have sucked in numbers. And planning. LOL. 

Yeah! <3
When we finally arrived, they have already started playing games with the kids. :) They are still introducing themselves, so we were not that late and lost xD Everyone of the volunteers had at least one kid assigned to them, and the kids are free to choose for themselves. So sad though, none of the kids come running to me... I'm bad with kids :(

Don't know what to say more so, let the picture speak for themselves. 

Playing Superhero game
The concept of the game is that every one of the child has a cartoon character or superhero,
and they are supposed to remember. When the blinds are put down, they are supposed to shout
the superhero of the person opposite. Extreme memory game that I suck at. 
Both pointing at each other and guessing the cartoon character and superhero... 

*At the same time* HELLOKITTYMICKEYMOUSE!!! 

*guessing, guessing*

Girl in green stripes: Oh no I cant remember!!!
Girl in black shirt: *shouts the superhero name*

can't remember who won.
Cannot remember the superhero, taking time to think.... hehehe
The side who loses the guessing game have to go over to the winning side.

No idea what happened, but look at the smiles on their faces. Totally worth it.
See, everyone enjoying themselves *heart*
Here is the replica of "Simon Says" game, where they have to listen to Michelle che che who is standing tall on the chair. hehe. 
This game, I don't know how to describe, but alot of laughter.
Dividing the kids into two groups to play a different kind of "Rock, Scissors and Papers".
This is a super naughty and mischievous, yet cute boy. Hehe, he kind of pwned
almost all the guy volunteers hehehe...
Spiderman! I think he's the happiest kid that day... 

Kai lee, Michelle, Me, Vernice, Xiaohui 

It's the time to leave :( Nice knowing so many new friends there :)

Almost everyone there. *heart* Wish all the kids 'kuai gao zhang da', have a happy life. :) 
The spiderman who pwned the kor kors. hehehe

The visit ended with a lot of photo taking. The volunteers who went to the visit. hehehe...
I am not the kind of person who would go on these kind of visits,
its not because I don't like to go,
its not because I'm terrified on how would I interact with kids,
its because there are so many strangers that I never met before.
I am anti-social like that.
But from the visit, I get to know a few friends,
and have been talking to each other almost everyday.

I never knew I would say this,
but it felt like I know them for very long already.

I would never, ever, ever go to sing-k with strangers.
Never in a million years of my life.
But, within the first few days knowing them,
we already had our first outing to sing-k.


YamCha and sharing session after the visit.

So, that basically sums up my visit to a children's home with Amoeba Team. Totally a better way to spend my weekend, because my weekends are usually wasted on assignments, playing games or staring at the wall on Facebook, or sleeping. Seriously, thank you Amoeba for providing this opportunity for me to do what I have always wanted to do. 

If you, or anyone you know would like to join any of these outings, feel free to contact Amoeba Team through Facebook, or I can help :) hehe... They have at least a community visit every month *if I'm not mistaken* If you have the chance to give back, to do something good, to be able to enjoy your weekend with much fun and laughter, why not? And for shy people, don't worry, no one could be more shy than me... If I can do it, you can too... hehehe

I went home that day feeling excited and happy, and tired of course, and told my housemate about it. She just say why do I waste my time doing such thing. I beg to differ lor, this is not wasting my time. One point to salute the team is that, they have continuously been doing this for over a year already, and this is the kind of things that not many people would normally spend their "precious" time on. And some of them are working adults, which means that weekends are very important to them, but they selflessly spend it on doing community work. *Salute them for their effort and time, and also for making all this happen :)

PS: If you read this, thank you for surviving through this lengthy post, you rawk!

PPS: My kid that day was a 17 year old girl, and will be taking SPM this year. She don't look like 17 though *jealous* heheh... Anyways, I wish her all the best in SPM and I know she won't be able to see this but I still want to wish can or not? Hope she do great in her exams *heart*

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