Friday, October 19, 2012

No filter

Last weekend had been a crazy one.

Well its crazy coz i am the kind that normally spend the weekend at home complaining how boring my life is, but then is too lazy to go out.

My last weekend actually starts friday noon. Took leave from work (pfffft who the hell takes leave from work during internship wtf im gonna screw my evaluation) to attend batch10's graduation ceremoney. :') the day is finally here *wipe happy tears*

Im alright, already long accepted the fact that i am not graduating this year. Oh well... Life.

By the time i got home, im already exhausted as i dont know what to compare...

Next day, woke up sharp at 7am (screw this biological clock thing) coz i wake up around this time during weekdays. Wasted time then went out to churpout event with the sue sisters... Saw lots of fehmes bloggers but shy to ask for pic coz pffft i shy lah... But managed to get a drawing done though.. Maybe i'll post the pic next time if i dont procrastinate so much. Dont know how to upload more than one pic using this app.

After publika i was already dying inside (no idea why i was so tired), and then went for some cakes omg so much love you know....... And then saw some doraemons in giza... Day ended quite early compared to normal.... The best part is, i was driving home and then i forgot that i left the keys at my friend's place and had to drive all the way back to just get those damn keys i forgot... Aihhh sotong head.

Fell asleep quite late too, then have to wake up super early for sunday coz we're going out again!! Went pavillion this time but lucky got to come home early or else i might just have to take another day of leave from work. I mean internship.

I think i need new batteries. <~~ dats lame.

I shall leave you with a cute picture of me *pukenow!* and a mini durian. He-he

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Made these at work the other day. Was supposed to come up with ideas and it took us half day to come up with the sample and another half day to prepare the materials.

I cant believe we all sit in the same chair for the whole entire day doing kids craft. And it doesn't feel that long seriously.

Anyhow, it was good, extracting out creative juices, having a break from the kids... Miss them already but yeah we did something different for a day. Hehe.

The good side of me is liking this job, the negative side of me is getting bored already. Talk about doing things halfway and never finishing.... Aihhh

I have thought to postpone this internship but what the hell i am already halfway through this.

Went to see my thesis supervisor for the first time today, wasnt as scary as i thought. Turned out she really helped me in brainstorming alot, unlike the previous one who landed me in this shit I'm facing. That bitch. Aihhh...

Thanks to her i was depressed and feeling really down for almost 2 months. Shit. Thats why now only i am back in uni to see my current supervisor. Talk about bad choices. I seem to be making alot of them in my life.