Friday, May 03, 2013


Im stuck writing a report since the dawn of man...
And im really itching to get out and take some pics..
there are some exposures to finish in the film cam.
cant wait to load a new film n get more pics!!!!

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Ok Im just bored. need to get back to my report.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sungai Buloh Famous Hot Plate Pancake

Few weekends ago, we were hungry and didn't know where to eat. Then we thought of the place in Sg. Buloh that is always packed. Went there and the shop already closed and moved. Tried to find the location of the new shop, but we went to the wrong side. 

BUT, we discovered something more fun. Hehe.. My mum have been telling me about this Hakka Pancake in Sg. Buloh and whether I have tasted it before or know where it was lah. 

I finally found this place wtf. Do you know how many sleepless nights i have thinking where to find you? Ok overly drama. Malas aku nak edit2 foto ni semua, straight from the cam jer.

Told my uncle about this place i saw and he said to come back and tapao after lunch. The online reviews says there's usually long queue and when they finish selling whatever they prepared for the day then its done. Luckily the day we went there was no queue at all and  we bought like 30 pieces wtf. 10 each. 

There are 3 flavours for this thing: Red bean, Peanut and Coconut.
So far I only get to try the Red Bean cause those hungry people at home wallop all before I could even touch it. And also cause I prefer to eat just the red bean. From what I heard, the peanut is a bit rough, not the smooth kind and the coconut is not bad too. 

Look for this stall, it's right outside a shop selling Chinese prayer items. The main road is narrow and if you look hard enough you wouldn't miss this place. Unless if its not open. 

Certainly wouldn't miss this stall, they even (bake?) this pancake outside the shop. Everything is quite manual. 

The pancake is a bit flour-y. Its coated with flour and a small spot of oil or water. Taste something live very fresh, flat bread with fillings inside. ohya, smells yeast-y if there is this kind of word. 

Don't know whether is it because of my current diet (no sweet stuff if possible), I find the red bean quite sweet. 

This is how it look like when they are grilling/toasting/baking it. Everything is done by hand and it's very hot. I stood near there to take picture also can feel the heat already. 

The pancake (I like to call it bread rather than pancake) is selling at RM 0.90 per piece. Quite pricey I guess, but still not overly pricey considering how manual its made. At least they didn't get lazy and but an oven to toast it or something. 

I didn't expect my aunty and uncle to like it so much that we went there again (and i suspect there'll be many more agains). So yeah, worth a try. 

Address: 345, Jalan Besar, Sungai Buloh New Village. 


I just want to write something. Haven't been updating any blogs or writing any other thing than assignments and term papers for the past few months. Arrrgh. My hand so itchy to write something. The thing about technology is, I dont use my digital cam to take pictures anymore, and my laptop is quite slow and lag-gy that i dont use it anymore. So i have no pictures to update. lol. kthxbai.