Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Magical Musical!!

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Last weekend, I had my hands on a pair of VIP tickets for Magical Musical!!! 

The musical is happening at Sunway Lagoon Ampiteather, every night except Tuesdays, 7.30pm. 9.30pm shows are available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  
If you have no idea what is it about, here's the summary of the musical I copied from Sunway Lagoon's website. 
"Set amidst the bright lights of Times Square in New York's Broadway Theatre district, the story begins with 6 budding performers auditioning for a new show.

Discover how they encounter turmoils, despair and finally find fame, fortune and love on the streets of Broadway. Directed and choreographed by award-winning West End professionals, the show spans 2 acts with over 35 songs and performed by a cast of over 30 dancers and singers.

6 leading West End performers supported by international dancers will take you on a rollercoaster ride through the best musicals of all time. With stunning costumes, choreography and jaw-dropping voices, this musical extravaganza brings Times Square to life, complete with giant LED screens, dazzling lighting and explosive pyrotechnics!"
My show is at 9.30pm, but we reached there at 8.50pm. We're the first persons at the front gate yo! Not the practice of kiasu-ism ok, it's just that we wanted to ask what time is it exactly. Shortly after, more people arrive, and actually queued up in front of us. Oi, cut queue lahh!! 

the trem/train

The door opens at 9pm, and being Malaysians, we ushered ourselves into the trem which is waiting to bring us to the Ampitheater. 


Pardon my excitement here, but how many times can I get to sit in VIP zone? Even for Gary Chaw's concert also I didn't get the VIP Zone tickets. 

this is how front we are. 3rd row from the stage OMGOSH! 

I have no idea on whether I can take pictures during the performances, but at the start of the musical they reminded the audience that flash photography is not allowed, so I assume that photography without flash is allowed. My show is the 2nd for the night, and the casts had just done with the 7.30pm show, and it's a wonder how they manage to have the energy to sing and dance shortly after. I doubt they even had a 10 minute break. The show started with songs from Hairspray (omgosh me love). And then with alot more songs from alot more musicals that I am not familiar with. And thus, I will not elaborate further. 

Some pictures taken from the musical.... 

the stage. 

show's starting!!!

nice right, nice right?

Shakalaka baby~

They even come out with the fire people ( i don't know what their job are called) and also happy Indian drummers. 

the sponsors...

towards the end of the show....

I shall end this post with a Community Service Message by Tzeee...

Hellow people, there's only TWO weeks left till the musical ends, and go grab your tickets at Sunway Lagoon now!! More information here. The show's going to be on until July 17th!! 

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