Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Sunday

Note:   This post was originally posted here, but due to the author's fickle mind, it was moved to an old blog, and then copied back here again. So, this is a totally new post and past comments cannot be recovered. 

This is how I spent my Sunday, despite having a major assignment due on Monday (and knowing me, I am a huge procrastinator) and another presentation as well.

I only had 2 hours sleep the night before, because of some idiotic housemate who doesn't know how to open the door slowly. Woke up at 6.30am, dragged myself out of bed in order not to be late, and went to work at 7.30am on a SUNDAY! (yes, its a Sunday) 

I like to work, especially it's part times like this, because I get to meet people and I generally like working part time. :D And, I learn from work too. How awesome is that?

Then, work ends at 1.30pm, and came back, showered and went to Cheras for a video shooting. 

Life is good. The other people have been there since 9am, and I only reached at 3pm. From the shoot I realise how the professionals do it. With a dslr and NG parts xD (Unlike me, I just use a small point and shoot for my assignment video)

I had 2 lines! lol. Had trouble pronouncing because I'm not used to following script and the level of Chinese is a bit advanced for me. But all is well, but I suck tho. :( 

Ahhh... Let's hope they don't kill me when they video is out. :) 

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