Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lao Sha Bao

Note: This post was originally posted here, but due to the author's fickle mind, it was moved to an old blog, and then copied back here again. So, this is a totally new post and past comments cannot be recovered :)

Last night, I was super hungry, although I just had dinner not too long ago. So, we set out for yam-cha session with another friend, but at the very last minute, she had something else on and couldn't join us, and we were at unfamiliar territory, so we went to the only familiar place we knew.

Restoran Clan.

I went there few days back, for my dinner. It was other people's supper, but my dinner. 12.30am.

The place is apparently famous for it's Chicken Nest Bao, *pics will be updated* and it was by chance they choose to dine there that night. I thought the bao they ordered looked familiar, and that's cause my friend had posted the picture on my facebook wall in the morning. How random is that.... Having someone posting the picture on your wall in the morning and you are there at the restaurant without even knowing its the same one. Get me?

Well, last night, Vernice ordered an extra, Lao Sha Bao, as pictured above. It cost RM2, and its super tiny. Two bites and its gone.

The Chicken Nest Bao cost RM4.80 if you dine there, and RM6 if you take away. Why the huge gap in the price difference? Well, our guess was that they packed the bao in a nicely printed box, and you pay for the box. Maybe I'll do an introduction on the famed Chicken Nest Bao on my next post.

It's 1.55am now, and looking at the picture and writing this post makes me hungry. Nooooo, I can't eat. I have to wake up at 5am today, because I'm going on a triiiippppp!!!

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