Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Update

Just finished my final exam few days ago. I didn't do well, even gave up and walked out early on my last paper. I know the consequences, but nothing came to my brain, and whatever I studied didn't come out so, yeah!

Anyways, life is too short to be emo over that paper. I just can hope and pray that I at least pass on other papers, so that I wont be coming back for so many more papers. *fingers crossed*

Holidays is short too, and with the thesis pending approval, I have so-much-but-so-little time... geddit? So much time because I'm on holiday, but holiday doesn't mean holiday cause the thesis is pending approval. Sigh.

Alright, up to this point  you must be thinking, "hopeless student." Well, I just don't believe in getting very good marks, but missed on on life on the way...

Also, this post is also a reminder for myself that I have alot of post pending.
1. Gary in Muar!
2. MOA Concert!
3. Forgot already, need to check back on pictures, but shud be no more? because i was having exam and didnt go out as much already... :)

Hope I dun procrastinate and then totally forgot. hehe...

And also, I am in Muar again as I'm typing this. Going to Melaka tomorrow, which means that I have more food to eat, more things to discover and more post to write... woohoo!! :) Cant wait to try out the lomo too :)

I cant sleep.
Because I napped in the afternoon already.

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