Friday, August 12, 2011

Chicken Nest Bao (Gai Wo Bao)

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This is the continuation from the previous post. The discovery of this restaurant and the bao is quite... random. Well as usual, when i wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to check Facebook. My friend posted a link on my wall, and said that we should go to hunt for this after exam. Then, at night on the same day, I went out with a few other friends, and they decided to have supper at that restaurant. I was not familiar with that area, so I didn't know at all it's the same restaurant posted on my wall in the morning. Then, someone ordered the bao, and it looked oh-so-familiar...

The friend that posted on my wall asked me to tapao, since I am already there, and so I did. 3am in the morning.

This is how the packing looks like. I was surprised to see the nice box because I thought they will just put it in the styrofoam box. They charge me RM6.00 for the bao. The box is specially designed to fit one bao in it.

This is how it looked like when you open the box. The awesome Chicken Nest Bao.

Ta-daa!!!! The whole of Chicken Nest Bao. Now you know why is it called Gai Wo Bao? Because, the outside is shaped like a chicken nest!! Hahaha, actually that's my best guess, i have no idea as well. Well, this bao is a combination of a meat bao and loh mai kai.

The shop claims that they are the only shop in the whole Malaysia to sell this bao. There are newspaper clippings hanging on the extension atap outside the shop.

The insides of the bao. As you can see in the picture, the ingredients are plenty. The meat are cut in quite big chunks, and mushroom too. There's something to bite at least.

The skin of the bao (the entire white area) is chewy, and thats the part i love the most. They are not stingy with the ingredients, which I think is the value for money. Many business now charge very expensive for food, but you cant see the ingredients. And this pau, has a nasi pulut base, which is the loh mai kai.

One week after that, me and the same friend decided to drop by the shop to have another taste of the bao. But time time, they only charge us RM4.80 because we ate there. Quite nonsense if you tell me, forcing the customer to pay an additional of RM1.20 for the specially printed box. It felt like we have to pay for their advertisement lol.

The second bao look a bit dry compared to the first one. haha, look at my not-so-healthy dimsum in the background.

Here, bao + loh mai kai = gai wo bao!

The place sells dim sum also and is open for supper.

Restaurant Clan, Sri Petaling.

PS: If GPS coordinates are needed, pls tell me and I will try to provide. *If I go there again*

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