Friday, June 29, 2012

I am back!!

Hello all (dont think there's a "all" here, its only hello me, but "all" sounds nicer and less antisocial), its been quite a few months since I'm here. Looked back and saw that the last post was in January! And now it's nearing July!! *gasp* I didn't realise it has been THAT long zomgosh!! I have so much to blogged about (err, not actually) but I cant find time (due to procrastination) and also i have no life in the past few months. i have no more friends to go out with. *sobs*

I am actually very, very free, considering that I am only attending one class this semester. So, im pretty free for the rest of the week. But, being a professional procrastinator, i dont work at normal times (it's 4am and im writing this, i cant sleep), and i was on my last few months (weeks actually) of my thesis. super last minute person like me and a very important thesis don't go well together if you want to know. its like a recipe for disaster. 

i was supposed to finish collecting data like monthssssss before, but i only did it like weeks before. urghh, bad, bad memories that i dont want to remember. also, there are some issues that arise regarding thesis and that got me stressed out for a couple of days nearing submission. and being stressed out means i will further delay my already-delayed work. which means more and more last minute work. urghh, seriously bad memories that shouldnt be remembered. there are more important things for my brain to keep. shoo shoo... go away, i dont want to see you anymore. 

at the same time, i was having a part time job too. actually its a full time job wtf. how is it considered part time when i work full office hours? its something that i dont understand. but oh well, every minute is money so im not complaining. ok i sound like some ungrateful brat here... but they have yet to pay me and its been like what.. one month? what did i gain from this work experience? do not ever, ever again think that you're so free because you have only one day class per week when you have thesis on the line at the same time. no. never ever again. but then again, i will never ever be doing thesis again so no problem with that. xD

And ladies and gentleman, this, is going to be ONE LONG @$$ post. 

I've like loaded pictures from my Facebook, because that is like my new online diary (lol!) or else I cannot remember what the hell happened for the past 6 long months. The pictures are all taken from my phone or screencapped. So, yeah... the quality sucks because I am too  cheapskate to get a phone with better picture quality. I've even stop using my digital camera and the DSLR too. I suck, I know. Waaalaoooehh, intro only also can be so long already. Wish I write like this fast when doing assignments. 

Lets just summarize what happened in the past few months with the help of these pictures. May not be in order... 

Macaroons all the way back in... February I guess. Friend's bf went to France and brought back these lovely macaroons. And the one thing good about being a lamp post is that... I get to enjoy these too!! xD Ok ok, im not that excited about being a #foreveralone. lol. 

Another friend's Diana F+! I have recently (actually been a while now) discovered analogue and film camera, so yeah, my friend offered to loan me her baby diana. it's special edition somemore you must have trusted me alot! the camera comes with a pack of film and also a diana f+ bible on the shots that has been taken in the past. you can see some really awesome photos taken by lomographers. good starting point and inspiration for the new comers in lomography. 
i've got to say this. Diana is quite difficult for beginners. need time to understand and master the camera or else the pictures will turn out shitty. which happens to my film. not proud. 

celebrated birthday in JUNE! together with my brother who is born in the same month. thought of making this celebration abit more special than the previous ones, so we went on a cake hunt, to find the purrrrfect cake for the birthdays. went out to try this particular cake from whisk which has countless awesome reviews, didnt like it. i hated the (quite strong) smell of rose. other than that, the cake was just ok. 

had another cake too, the chocolate cake, cannot remember what its called. also not very happy with that, maybe my expectations were too high. the only thing is, the choc cake is not so sweet like normal shops. which is good. but nah, not my liking.

PS: I'm just stating my own opinion here. So many fans will come and bash me for this. 

March 18! We, the GFC chawers celebrated the clubs anniversary with the man himself, Cao Ge! its a pool bbq party at his residence, hehe.. so awesome like zomgoshbbq wtf. didnt get into the water because (1) i cant swim and might drown, (2) did the chinese massage cupping thingy few days back and the marks are still VERY visible, (3) i might drown wtf! 

thats the group photo right there.

tried to cook porridge few weeks ago (about 1 month ago?) and it almost turned to rice and could feed like the whole army. as you can see in the picture, carrot shredding #fail to the max. 

worked part time in march and these are some of the awesome people in the office. super love this picture got feel ah... working part time may be the worse decision i have ever made this semester. there is a valid reason as to why the department do not allow me to have internship together with my thesis and im just being the rebellious me. 

screw up the thesis. fml i just hope i pass. 

someone in the neighbourhood is missing a parrot. its green and its a he. i find it quite amusing to see people look for parrot like that, but as a pet owner, the heart ache when you lose a pet.. its like losing your own child. 

i hope she found him already. 

Wasted my time and waited for wuchun to come and i left. waited few hours just to see a once-extreme-big star in person. oh well, saw and left to pasar malam. 

i have no idea what magazine is this and i buy just because of .. nope, not lee hom, but for those 3 awesome inspiring filmmakers in the bottom part there. too bad i cant catch them in kl. sighs. #WF4lyfe!

was browing through test units in samsung centre and i stumble upon this! someone forgot to log out his facebook account! so i decided to update a status (manatau if the owner din realise and then someone evil hack their fb?) and looked at other units and models and came back to check the fb again. this time the owner of the fb replied with a new status. 

sorry, i tried to log out but i just dont know how. went back the next day to check also and its still there. tried to log out again but i just cant seem to find the logout thing. even brought my samsung smartphone user friend who cant find the button too. oh well, we tried. 

spotted this cafe in Ipoh. note the name. Jeremy Lin, when did you open a cafe in Ipoh ha? the shop was closed (maybe cause its at night) so din get to see how it was decorated inside. 

very sad, car has scars. :'(

this is back in february 18 in muar. drove all the way there just to attend this charity concert. thanks for the ticket upgrade hehe... first time holding about rm3000 worth of tickets in my hands... so stress wtf. 

it's a sticky! i won a sticky! first time winning a lucky draw wtf in my torturous high heels that almost killed my feet too. i ended up with TWO bottles of sticky which i still have now. unopened. 

this girl.. been ages since i met her and her bestie bumped into me in the most random place possible. turns out she is leaving to further studies the very next week. so i am so so so lucky to have met you in neway missy!! was super random on how we 'bumped' into each other. hehe. like so #fated! 

the end. 

PS: if you have read till the end, thank you! you must be very free. sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes. this is what lazy people is like. kthnxbai. 

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