Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Made these at work the other day. Was supposed to come up with ideas and it took us half day to come up with the sample and another half day to prepare the materials.

I cant believe we all sit in the same chair for the whole entire day doing kids craft. And it doesn't feel that long seriously.

Anyhow, it was good, extracting out creative juices, having a break from the kids... Miss them already but yeah we did something different for a day. Hehe.

The good side of me is liking this job, the negative side of me is getting bored already. Talk about doing things halfway and never finishing.... Aihhh

I have thought to postpone this internship but what the hell i am already halfway through this.

Went to see my thesis supervisor for the first time today, wasnt as scary as i thought. Turned out she really helped me in brainstorming alot, unlike the previous one who landed me in this shit I'm facing. That bitch. Aihhh...

Thanks to her i was depressed and feeling really down for almost 2 months. Shit. Thats why now only i am back in uni to see my current supervisor. Talk about bad choices. I seem to be making alot of them in my life.

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